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Healthy ways to lose weight dramatically

Many people who want to lose weight drastically. But to lose weight, it should be done in ways that are safe and healthy. The fastest weight loss that is recommended or allowed is about one kilogram per week. A diet to lose weight drastically is generally recommended for people who are obese, especially if this condition has caused health problems. Going on a diet to lose weight drastically should also be done under the supervision of a doctor, because if not, it is feared that it will adversely affect health. So that you can lose weight drastically, you need to limit your calorie intake and increase calorie burning in the body. To lose half a kilogram of body weight per week, you must burn 500 calories per day. Healthy ways to lose weight dramatically There are healthy ways that can help you lose weight drastically, namely: 1. Exercise regularly Instead of doing strenuous exercise in one training session, you only need to do light exercise three times a day. Types of exercise
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Safe Fasting Tips for Pregnant Women to Stay Fit

Fasting in the month of Ramadan is one of the obligations of Muslims around the world. Although pregnant women have the flexibility to not fast, but actually this worship can still be done if the condition of the pregnant woman's body, the womb, and the fetus that is conceived is healthy. One study of pregnant women showed that fasting during Ramadan does not affect the weight, length, and size of the fetal head. However, there is a slight increase in the risk of babies born with low weight if pregnant women undergo fasting in the second trimester and third trimester of pregnancy. If pregnant women who will undergo fasting have a normal weight, a good lifestyle, and get adequate nutrition, then fasting will not have much effect on the fetus, because the body of the pregnant woman can still meet the nutrients the fetus needs. Fasting Tips for Pregnant Women The following are some fasting tips for pregnant women to stay in shape and keep the fetus healthy: Stay calm and avoid

Moods of Pregnant Women Changing Quickly, Here's How To Overcome It

Do pregnant women become more irritable, sad, or even suddenly cry for no apparent reason? Pregnant pregnant women, mood swings or mood swings are normal during pregnancy. Mood swings are usually experienced in first and third trimester pregnancies. Although it feels quite annoying, do not worry, this condition can be overcome really. Tips for Overcoming Mood Swing There are various causes of mood swings during pregnancy. Generally caused by hormonal changes, fatigue and morning sickness. There are several ways you can do to overcome mood swing, namely: share a story Not all problems and discomforts must be borne by themselves, Bumil. There are times when Bumil has to share stories with people closest to what Bumil is feeling. This is beneficial to reduce anxiety and burden of pregnant women. Pamper yourself Pamper yourself can make pregnant women forget the anxiety that is being felt. Pregnant women can watch movies, gather with friends, or massage at a favorite spa.